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Keywords Research

Here is how the keywords you choose to use will affect your site’s traffic. Most of the traffic that sites receive come from search engines and the currency at search engines is keywords. Somebody who wants to search for something at a site will start by entering a keyword at his or her favorite search engine. This means that in an ideal situation and assuming that you were one of a handful of sites on the entire World Wide Web, it would simply be a matter of looking for the most popular keywords used and then wait for the traffic to pour in to your site.

The problem is that there are millions of other sites out there and therefore if you choose a popular keyword chances are high that your site could end up being listed as the 100,000 th site, making it impossible for anybody to find you. In this case we say that the particular keyword is too competitive.

So the trick is to modify the popular keyword and turn it into a keyword phrase that may not be very popular and does not have too many sites competing for it. The result is that when somebody does a search using that keyword, chances of finding your site on the first page are very high. This dramatically increases the potential targeted traffic for your site.

So if somebody has the best and most impressive content but ignores the keywords they are using, chances are that folks will not be able to find it and therefore it will be useless and in fact chances are high that the site will fail altogether.

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