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Facebook FanPage Service

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Item Name 1000 Fans on Facebook FanPage
Price $90.00
Description Real people - who will interact with your page
Targeted fans to your specified country
Guaranteed fans
Good quality fans - not a bunch on "gamers"
High speed fan growth
Fast replies and top customer service
Can also be used for APP fan pages too!
Why Fans Fans = A way of marketing. With fans, you can send them messages through a status update, which is a great way of promotion.
Viral element: Having fans allows a chance of your page going viral, as people will see your page on their news feed and join, or your fans may "share" your page to their friends. This will get mean more fans for you.
They create a good image for your company/product. Having thousands of fans on your facebook page can make your product look popular etc, which may lead to other people buying it/taking interest in it.
Creates a sense of 'reputation'. Having a good amount of fans allows you to look reputable
Once you have reached over 25 fans, you can instantly create a "username" for your fanpage
Your page is 100% safe and secure in our hands. We don't require admin access and use methods which are the safest in the industry
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