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Researched Easy to Rank keywords

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Item Name Researched Easy to Rank keywords
Price (1 keyword) $25.00
Description Is your website struggling to reach top spot in Google even after spending hefty amount of money for SEO?

Is your website not getting expected traffic even after reaching the top spot in Google?

Is your website getting loads of traffic after reaching the top spot in Google, but no earnings?

If your answer is yes for any of the above questions, then you were going after the wrong keywords! Let me do the boring and risky job for you. I will do the keyword research and give you well researched profitable keywords which fits the following criteria:

Search count – Average exact global search count more than 2000 and Average exact local (country-US) search count more than 1000.

Approximate CPC – We all know that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize any blog or website and it is very profitable so you will get keywords with Approximate CPC ranging from $0.50 to $10.

Easy to rank – Analyzing keyword SEO competition is where we spend more time to make sure that the keyword is easy to rank with little SEO work. All the on-site/off site SEO factors of the top 10 sites are evaluated manually and the same is verified.

No Seasonal keywords – A keyword should have consistent search count for a steady flow of traffic and conversion. Keyword search trend for the past one year will be checked using Google Trends and Insights so you won’t get any seasonal keywords.

No Google places listings – Multiple Google places listings is a huge distraction. If you rank below them, it may affect your site CTR, so my keywords won’t get any Google places listings in the search results.

Monetizable keywords – Keywords can be monetized via Adsense, CPA networks, Amazon and other affiliate programs. We will come up with some ideas for monetization and share it with you.

Related long tail keywords – Google likes sites that have more pages. We make sure that the keywords which we provide have many long tail keywords to target so that you can add multiple pages to your site targeting many easy to rank keyword phrases which brings you additional traffic and conversion.


A detailed report will be provided in an excel file covering the following details.

Global & local search count
Approximate CPC
EMD availability
Other possible domains to register (If EMD is not available)
Market Samurai SEO analysis report
Search trends
Related long tail keywords with search count and CPC
Monetization ideas

Price details:

1 keyword - $25
2 keyword - $35
3 keywords - $45
4 Keywords - $60
5 Keywords - $80

Please use the Contact form to order more keywords under one transaction.

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